Top 10 animals you won’t believe actually exist.

From a mole with a star for a nose to a giant spider crab we countdown 10 of the most bizarre animals in the world. An aye-aye is a rodent and monkey hybrid found in Madagascar which is very creepy-looking. The Japanese spider crab is the animal with the largest leg span, making it look scary when compared with humans. The star-nosed mole has 22 appendages on its nose which help it to touch. It is harmless, but looks unappealing. The leaf-tailed gecko has the ability to perfectly blend into leaves and nature to avoid predators. Many now hunt and sell them illegally because they are so amazing. The naked mole rat is one the ugliest animals in the world. It burrows and can see in the dark and has tight, pink skin. An enypniastes is known for being colourful and light so that it can see deep underwater. They are cool-looking, but very rare. The yeti crab is a crab coated with silky blonde hair. They also have a pigment which makes their eyes look menacing. The lamprey is a giant eel with lots of teeth and a large body. It looks terrifying! The blob fish is the undisputed ugliest animal. It is literally just a big blob of pink slime. They may be wiped out by deep sea trawling by fishing boats, sadly. The urechis unicinctus is the animal in the thumbnail. It looks incredibly rude, but is just a sea worm found in China and Korea. It is even eaten in Korea. Comment below if you would try one!

Japanese Spider Crab
Star-Nosed Mole
Leaf-tailed Gecko
Naked Mole Rat
Yeti Crab
Blob Fish
Urechis Unicinctus

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