Top 10 craziest snake attacks
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From animal and snake animal fights to snake animal attacks, we countdown the top 10 craziest animal snake attacks and fights in the world. In 2007, 8 year old Matheus Pereira from Brazil was playing with his cousin in a creek. Suddenly, a 5 meter long anaconda grabbed Matheus and began to strangle and bite him. His 66 year old grandfather, Joaquin Pereira heard his screams from his farm 500 meters away. Joaquin then began to wrestle the snake and hit it with a machete. In 2009, a television show host from Colombia was attempting to obtain some footage of anacondas. The crew found a massive anaconda deep in the Amazon rainforest. The show’s host, Toninho attempted to pick up the snake. In 1996, 2 brothers living in a Bronx housing project kept a 13 foot python in their home. They had hoped to set up a business where the 13 foot python would eat rats and mice for people who had them in their homes. One day, one of the brothers named Grant Williams was tending to the python, when suddenly it killed him, mistaking him for food. In 2008, 29 year old student zookeeper, Erik Arrieta was working alone in the reptile section of the Caracas zoo. While he was feeding a python, he bit his arm before wrapping itself around Erik, crushing him to death. In 2011, two parents, Jane and Charles Hare had been housing a 9ft python in their Florida home. The snake had been starved, as Jane and Charles rarely fed it. In 2009, a family from Las Vegas was looking after an exotic type of python. Somehow, the snake got loose in their house and wrapped itself around the family’s 2 year old baby boy. An angry mother then fended the snake off with a kitchen knife, saving her son. In August of 2013, 2 boys aged 4 and 6 were sleeping in their apartment in Canada. The apartment was above their friend’s father’s pet store which housed snakes. One 14 ft python escaped the enclosure and crawled through the air duct. The python fell from a ceiling tile above where the boys were sleeping. The python strangled the 2 boys, resulting in their deaths. In 2013, Tess Guthrie from Australia woke to the sound of her cat hissing. Her cat was hissing at a snake that was coiled around her baby daughter. Tess frantically tried to pry the snake off her 2 year old daughter. In 2011, wildlife enthusiast, Debi Grudzinski from Texas was working with snakes at her local zoo. As she was giving on snake some water, a Boa Constrictor clamped onto her hand. The snake then wrapped itself around Debi’s whole body. In 2015, Grant Thompson was found dead in his car in Texas. Emergency services found several snake bites on his body. His death was ruled as a suicide, as an autopsy revealed that he had prompted the snake to bite him on purpose.

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