Top 10 most ridiculous purchases by Floyd money Mayweather
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Charlie from #Top10s counts down the top 10 most ridiculous purchases by Floyd money Mayweather. In 2010, Floyd essential purchase of a diamond iPhone case. The case cost him a measly $50,000 from a custom jeweller. So, it’s you son’s 15th birthday, what are you gonna get him, an xbox game, a new football? Uhhh, nah! How about $20,000 gold Bentley golf cart! Floyd has a personal barber follow him everywhere he goes. It’s estimated it costs him around $1000 dollars a day. Floyd says he “loves” boxer shorts. So much that he never wears the same pair twice. But Floyd dropped $10,000,000 on a diamond engagement ring. Here’s the kicker: she is now his ex-wife! He bought a custom 24 karat gold iPhone 5s in 2014. And this wasn’t just a case but the whole back of the the phone was removed and replaced with gold. Floyd literally owns a custom built Gucci closet. It’s portable and he uses it move clothes and shoes around when he’s travelling. If you know a striper that’s low paid, they probably don’t for Floyd Mayweather. The guy is known to make it rain over $100,000 in 1 night. Floyd is known for his expensive watches. In an Instagram post, he says these watches cost $6,500,000! In 2016, Floyd bought a $30,000,000 private jet called the Gulfstream V.

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Diamond iPod Crash
Gold Golf Cart
Personal Barber
Engagement Ring
Gold iPhone
Gucci Closet
Private Jet

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