Top 10 best most expensive YouTuber homes and houses
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Charlie from #Top10s counts down the top 10 best most expensive YouTuber homes and houses featuring house tours of Pewdiepie, KSI, TheSyndicateProject, Zoella, Sidemen, CaptinSparklez, FOUSEYTube, W2S, FaZe, Optic, PointlessBlogTV and SHAYTARDS.CaptinSparklez or Jordan Maron is Minecraft YouTuber. in 2015 he bought a massive mansion in the hollywood hills. KSI with over 10 million subscribers over 2 billion views bought the most expensive apartment in the stratford halo. Gaming youtuber, The syndicate project, or tom syndicate began building a massive mansion in the UK in 2014. In 2015, Youtuber couple Zoella and PointlessBlog bought a 5 bedroom mansion in Brighton. In 2016, FOUSEYTube or DoseOfFOUSEY moved into the same building as his youtube friends, Alex Wassabi, Wassabiproductions and LaurenDIY. If you’re a member of the Call Of Duty clan Faze, you probably live in the faze house. Shay Carl is one of the first people to get big on YouTube under his comedy channels, Shay Carl and Shaytards. Shay uploaded a video where he said they were moving to their dream house in Idaho. WroeToShaw, W2S is another FIFA YouTuber who lives in the Stratford Halo with KSI. Optic is the word’s most famous call of duty clan. Like, Faze they also have an optic gaming house where some of the clan members live. This group of FIFA you tubers already own flats in the stratford halo. But that wasn’t enough so they decided to buy a massive house in london costing almost 1 million dollars.

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Zoella & PointlessBlogTV
FaZe Clan

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