Top 10 celebs who are nothing like they seem
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Charlie from #Top10s counts down the top 10 celebs who are nothing like they seem. Ariana Grande is known as a sweet Disney star who has recently turned into a singer. However, various people who have worked with Ariana, such as her assistants and people who have had to take care of her on visits to venues and TV shows say that she’s nothing like this. Jimmy Fallon is known for his relaxed and likeable personality on the Late Night Show. However, in 2015 The New York Post reported that Jimmy isn’t the same as he is on his show when he has a drink in his hand. Ellen DeGeneres is another talk show host who has a reputation for being incredibly warm and kind. However, former crew members of her show have claimed that she’s actually kind of mean. One Direction member Niall Horan gets love everywhere he goes from his millions of fans. However, he has been accused of rude behaviour by many people. Beyoncé, better known as Queen Bey to her fans is regarded as a humble and likeable celebrity. However, she has had some incidents where she hasn’t been very nice at all. As far as pop stars go, Justin has maintained a pretty clean reputation. However, some fans who have actually met Justin may tell you a different story. Jennifer Lopez is a likeable star who likes to maintain that fame has not changed her authentic personality. However, some report that she is not as humble and down-to-earth as she portrays. Kim Kardashian is known for her millions and millions of fans from all around the world. This is why it shocked many when her ex-husband and basketball star Kris Humpries said that Kim refers to her fans as “pathetic nobodies”. Marly Streep is regarded as one of the nicest and most successful actresses in Hollywood. However, if you asked some of the residents in the small Connecticut town that she lives in, they would tell you a different story. Cameron Diaz is known as one of the top actresses of our time. But despite her talents, she has a darker side according to fans who have met her.

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