Top 10 embarrassing photos celebrities don’t want you to see
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Charlie from #Top10s counts down the top 10 embarrassing photos celebrities don’t want you to see. Photos of Ariana were leaked on Twitter showing her completely nakd. The tweets of the photos were then taken down, but not before thousands of people had retweeted and saved the photos. When on vacation in Bora Bora in 2015, Justin decided to skinny dip in his private hotel pool. Unbeknownst to him, there were paparazzi snipers waiting to get a shot of him from the opposite balcony. In 2013, this photo of Taylor Swift from a while ago was randomly leaked on the internet. The photo shows Taylor posing her fully exposed. An unlikely candidate for nakd photo leaks is Modern Families’ Sara Hyland. However, in 2013, many very explicit photos of Sara at a party were leaked from her iCloud. In 2014, the hunger games star Jennifer Lawrence had some photos leaked from her phone. The photos aren’t of her nakd, but instead strangely and scantily dressed. If you’ve ever seen her on stage or in one of her music videos, you’ll know that Nicki isn’t exactly private when it comes to her body. However, this was tested to the limits when toples photos of her were leaked online in 2015. In 2014, the Disney star Selena Gomez had a fashion faux-pas at a pool in Spain. She decided to wear a white swimsuit, which when in water turned transparent. In 2014, Disney star turned singer, Miley Cyrus took a trip to Hawaii on vacation from the lime light. She was unaware that she was being photographed so decided to go skinny dipping in the sea. Kate Middleton has been at the centre of British media after marrying Prince William. Paparazzi snapped toples photos of Kate, which were published in a French magazine. Paparazzi caught actress Cameron Diaz running toples on a beach in California in 2015.

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