Top 10 worst shark attacks.

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From a most terrible shark accident on beaches in California, to a shark attacking a professional surfer, we count down the 10 most unbelievable and worst shark attacks in history. Omar Conger was seized by a shark while hunting for Abalone with his partner, Chris Rehm. Bethany Hamilton is a professional surfer from Hawaii who was attacked on Halloween morning. Henri Bource was bitten on the leg near Lady Julia Percy Island in Australia. Barry Wilson was bitten near Lover’s Point in California, he didn’t make it by the time he had been pulled back to shore. In 1916 there were many shark attacks in Jersey Shore, one victim was only 12 years of age. Rob Howe was saved from a shark by a group of dolphins, not only saving Rob Howe, but also his daughter and two of her friends. Randy Fry’s head was taken clean off when he encountered a shark in Westport, California in 2004 while diving with Cliff Zimmerman. Brook Watson was attacked twice by a shark while working on a trading ship and went on to be the mayor of London and inspired the John Singleton Copley painting: Watson and the Shark. Robert Pamperin was taken away by a shark while diving with his friend, Gerald Leherer in San Diego, the only remains of him found was the inner tube from his diving mask. Rodney Fox was spearfishing on December 8th, 1953 when a great white shark grabbed him and tore him to pieces. He remarkably survived.

Rodney Fox
Omar Conger
Henri Bource
1916 Jersey Shore Shark Attacks
Rob Howe
Brook Watson
Randy Fry
Robert Pamperin
Barry Wilson
Bethany Hamilton

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