It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, so we at FailArmy thought there’s no better way to celebrate than with some drunk fails! Have a favorite? Leave it in the comments for us! If you’ve got any of your own send them over to!!! Cheers.


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Men Attempt to Poke Hole in Beer Barrel
Bartender Throws Ice into Cup in Unique Way
Faceplant on Drinking Game
Guy Falls Off Skateboard and Spills Beer
Girl Knocks Down Guys Like Bowling Pins
Guy Fails to Saber off Champagne Cork
Guy on Bicycle Crashes into Garage
Beer Bong Sprays All Over Woman’s Face
Kid Blows Fireball into Kitchen Sink
Guys Play Drunken Dizzy Bat
Drunk Guy Falls Trying to Waterfall Beer
Drunk Guy Falls Off Amsterdam Sign
Drunk Girl Dancing on Car Breaks the Windshield
Friends Prank Friend After Cinnamon Challenge
Guy Backflips Off Roof During Party
Friends Knock Over Beer Bottles
Drunk Guy Falls While Peeing in Hotel Bathroom
Dancing Drunk Guys Fall off Balcony
Dance Off Fail
Drunk Guy Stuck on Curb
Man Literally Crashes Party
Keg Stand Fail
Drunk Guy Walks on Bench and Falls
Sorority Girl Trips on Bid Day
Guys Try to Put a Giant Cone into Basketball Hoop
Guy Runs Into Friend After Spinning in Circles
Shirtless Guys Falls during Keg Stand
Above Ground Pool Jump Fail
Mom Destroys Daughter in Beer Shotgun Contest
Friends Pull Out Table from Under Drunk Friend
Guy Successfully Hits Ball during Dizzy Bat Game
Bunk Bed Breaks
Beer Bong Spills On Face
Guy Attempts to Slide Across Table
Drunk Guy Falls Dunking on Beer Pong Table
Guy Does Keg Stand For First Time
Girl Flips Off Bed and Runs Into Wall
Drunk Guy Pulls Out Garlic Bread From Pocket

Drunk Fails: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (March 2017) || FailArmy