Friends help you up when you fall, but your BEST friends laugh uncontrollably while recording you. Squad goals? Let us know which clip was your favorite in the comment, and don’t forget to submit your funny fails to!

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Guy Tries to Show off in Front of Friends
Snowboarder’s Rail Smacks His Face
Bike Flip Faceplant Fail
Girl Punches Self in Face Playing Boxing Game
Man Scares Deer Out of Bag
ATV Rider Tumbles into Mud
Guy Slips into Pool Trying to Do Gainer
Grandma Shakes Groove Thang in Parking Lot
Skier Scorpions on Rail Jump
Auto Technician Runs Into Tire
Guy Jumps On and Breaks Beer Pong Table
Standing Backflip Fail
Real Life Tarzan Fail
Kid Jumps on Blow-Up Ball and Goes Flying
Guy Falls while Kicking Punching Bag
Older Sibling Hits Sister With Stuffed Animal
Laundry Basket Case Cat
Bird Chases after Dog at the Park
Guy Tries to Pole Vault over River with Stick
Skiing Woman Faceplants Snow
Woman Faceplants after Being Thrown off Mechanical Bull
Guy Falls Attempting to Jump Across Rock
Seal Chases Fisherman
Bird Throws Snake at Car n/a
Man Attempts to Dive Into Trash Can
Guy Slips off Ice and Into Water
Woman Tries to Squeeze Under Bed
Man Scares Friend in Shower
Drunk Guy Falls off Playground Toy
Guy Can’t Backflip into Snow
Guy Accidentally Lets Go During Partner Rock Climbing
Kid Falls From Ceiling Swing

Laughing Cameraman: Best Laughs Ever! (January 2017) || FailArmy