We decided to go back and pull out some of our favorite fails! Enjoy Throwback Thursday, and let us know what you think in the comments below. Have a few of your own? Submit them to FailArmy.com!!

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Human Slingshot Double Flip Ends in Flop https://goo.gl/sf6zdi
Guy Faceplants Table after Slip ‘n’ Slide https://goo.gl/GT6ow6
Champagne Bottle Opening Fail https://goo.gl/gkhLTP
Dad Throws Snowball at Daughter’s Face https://goo.gl/02ddjg
Cartwheel Landing Fail https://goo.gl/dJEutY
Girl Falls on Butt after Breaking Goat Head https://goo.gl/XgmRux
BMXer Goes Somersaulting Over Handlebars https://goo.gl/iaSwDI
Guy in Sunglasses Falls off Chair https://goo.gl/xOyrhO
Electric Massager Cord Causes Power Outage https://goo.gl/BD5ITC
Man Faceplants Cement after Bouncing on Pogo Stick https://goo.gl/ynn5D3
Girl Breaks Light using Hula Hoop https://goo.gl/XHRsqS
Girl Falls off Tree after doing Cartwheel https://goo.gl/Z6fwS9
Bowling through Legs Fail https://goo.gl/7PXqHz
Girl Faceplants Grass after Failed Leapfrog Attempt https://goo.gl/fNzwgq
Guy Hits Head Trying to Slide into River https://goo.gl/HWsCco
Man Rides Bike Down Stairs https://goo.gl/ZBsg2E
Plain Clothes Kayaker Falls in Water https://goo.gl/zs9vTf
Girl Falls off Kayak Casting Net https://goo.gl/bTkdla
ATV Rider Flies off Track https://goo.gl/EuRk7q
Parkour Kid’s Foot Goes through Roof https://goo.gl/71zu0Z
Ski Jump Crash Fail https://goo.gl/DrwFZ2
Big Guy Breaks Tire Swing https://goo.gl/EJ1U21
Girl Flies over Bicycle Handlebar https://goo.gl/Ys9YNu
Girl Fails to Catch Candy in Mouth https://goo.gl/g7LrjJ
Bench Backflip Head Hit https://goo.gl/wkuEmo
Friends Break Pull Up Bar https://goo.gl/ahM1Ht
Rope Swing Bail Fail https://goo.gl/y5AjX4
Car Loses Tire while Drifting https://goo.gl/UwMoyV
Wakeboarder Wipes Out on Makeshift Rail https://goo.gl/iog6R9
Model Rocket Nutshot https://goo.gl/cjNRQG
Motorcyclist Flies over Handlebars https://goo.gl/kqf4cT
Bass Hits Lead Singer and Lead Singer Strikes Back https://goo.gl/K74BQu
Rollerblader Falls on Butt https://goo.gl/oR6gle
Teen Kicks Ball into Friend’s Face https://goo.gl/NHJGQN
Man Tips Over in Spinning ATV https://goo.gl/fKCwCp
Wheel Flies off Big Rig https://goo.gl/x8uZP7
Unicycle Train Fail https://goo.gl/rCZ5Qg
Parkour Fails at the Airport https://goo.gl/XIS13H
Man Falls in Flooded Street https://goo.gl/6aaYZK
Wakeboard Flip Fail https://goo.gl/AGD2QX
Kid Flies out of Trampoline Cage https://goo.gl/KgYbWS
Kid Pulls Out Table from Under Friend https://goo.gl/htJS18
Woman Gets Revenge on Husband with Firecrackers https://goo.gl/IMV4iG
Sandboarding Launch Fail https://goo.gl/l896EX
Guy Falls Off Rope Swing https://goo.gl/W2pP6W
Woman Falls Off Horse https://goo.gl/hPOy4v
BBoy Falls on Head after One-Handed Spin https://goo.gl/CAZLql
Aggressive Girl Plays with Hula Hoop https://goo.gl/ECMO5h
Snowmobile Jump Faceplant https://goo.gl/tYR2Al
Biker Flips Over Handlebars in Woods https://goo.gl/umSvMG
Omelet Flip Fail https://goo.gl/kY0o2y
Guy Crashes into Barrel Trying to do Flip https://goo.gl/jrDDyu
Cliff Jump into Rock Fail https://goo.gl/dOoQ6v
Block Tower Falls on Kid https://goo.gl/JVhFU9
Pedestrian Throws Cup on Top of BMW https://goo.gl/kXtWBF
Little Kitten Can’t Jump https://goo.gl/gXEoXu
Bouquet Toss Fail https://goo.gl/hLWeCk
Husky Screams Loudly https://goo.gl/CDT0o9
Kid Fails to Make a Skid Mark https://goo.gl/mZXyw0
Girl Fails at Kitesurfing https://goo.gl/oo8YHJ
B-Boy Falls Hard on Butt https://goo.gl/RC43Hm
Table Jump Fail https://goo.gl/qWWhsX
Rollerblader Smashes Nuts on Rail https://goo.gl/eSQ6I7
Guy Gets Tangled in Jump Rope https://goo.gl/N1GgYf
Skier Falls off Cliff during Race https://goo.gl/cCm5lT
Kid Wipes out During Classroom Rant https://goo.gl/OCTiM0
Mahi Mahi Escapes Boat https://goo.gl/FGVwv2
Car Stuck on Tracks Hit by Cargo Train https://goo.gl/vbtUhc