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Whenever a celebrity couple breaks up, people are always quick to say “love is dead”. But I don’t necessarily think that’s true. When people break up, it’s usually for a good reason. And they can both move on to bigger and better things. And that’s hopefully what’s going to happen after this recent heartbreaking breakup.What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and you may have heard that “Modern Family” star Ariel Winter is SINGLE in the middle of cuffing season! Yeah, I know the news hit me like this… Ariel and Levi were together just over 3 years and honestly I thought they were on the verge of an engagement! They began dating in November of 2016. And since then, they’ve been with each other through thick and thin. Like when Ariel couldn’t stop getting hate for wearing cut off jean shorts every day of 2018. Once Ariel and Levi moved in together shortly after they started dating, they were spotted pretty much everywhere together. But their favorite past time and their absolute favorite thing to do together, was to go grocery shopping. Like, all the time.Until now. The decade is ending. Modern Family’s series finale is following shortly after, and it’s the end of a chapter for Ariel and Levi.Reports that Ariel and Levi broke up came out in early October. But apparently, they actually split up quietly in August. According to insiders, the two drifted apart over time… Classic! Since their breakup, the two have been seen together. In late October, they were spotted giving each other a, quote “friendly hug” while leaving a studio in Los Angeles. Getting out of a three year relationship is a tough thing to adjust to! But apparently, Ariel is doing just fine. That’s really gotta hurt if you’re Levi right now. So now my only question is: who is Ariel going to go grocery shopping with now?Well, apparently she’s got her eyes set on a new fine piece of produce. She was recently seen hanging out with fellow actor and ‘Dumplin’ heartthrob Luke Benward.He’s also been in a number of Disney Channel shows, like “Girl Meets World” and “Good Luck Charlie”.He and Ariel were seen hanging with a group of friends this past weekend. Sooo why do people think that they’re dating if they were just hanging out in a group? Well, there are a couple of paparazzi photos floating around of Luke helping Ariel out of a car, and one where they could MAYBE be kissing. But the two have been friends for a while now, and have actually gone on a friendly vacation together in the past, while Ariel was still dating Levi.And last week, a Dumpling pop up art exhibit opened in LA. On the VIP opening night, Luke brought Ariel and another friend Alexander Morales to the event. They looked pretty platonic the whole night, with photos taken of the two of them inside the event as well as them loitering outside afterwards.Just a few days later, they were seen together again at the Lancome X Vogue L’Absolu Ruby Holiday event. And again, Alex Morales was with them. So maybe Ariel IS dating this guy, or maybe they’re just hanging out! Either way, she’s definitely taking in all the joys of the single life. So maybe this is all a part of the single life plan. Plus, she’s got other things to worry about right now. She told Women’s Health recently that she’s not thinking about boys lately, but instead thinking a lot about her fitness going into 2020.

She told the publication that she wants “muscles…or a big butt and Michelle Obama arms”. So let me know what you guys think! Are Ariel and Luke dating? Or are they just friends? Are you sad that her and Levi broke up? Let me know what you think in the comments below.And then click that subscribe button so you can see all the updates from this relationship, if there are any more to give!

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