Drake CLAPS BACK At His Dad Over Claims He Used Him To “Sell Records”

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It’s been a hot minute since Drake was wrapped up in some drama, but now it looks like one of his trusted and closest confidants is ragging on him and claiming Drake used him to sell records!

What’s up y’all!? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. back here with Clevver News and it’s been a minute since we had any news on Drake to talk about!

Champagne Papi has been keeping a very low profile when it comes to the Hollywood socialite scene and making headlines! Last time we really saw drake out and making headlines was during the NBA finals when his Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship and let’s say there was no shortage of champagne or the champagne papi himself!

But now it seems like someone in Drake’s inner circle was feeling neglected from headlines and is now stirring up some piping hot tea for me to report to you all! So buckle up and let’s get to this!

So… Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham… you know this guy…

Well he is calling out his son, aka Drake, for faking their feud in order to sell records! It all went down on Tuesday when Dennis did a talk show appearance on Nick Cannon’s radio show.

Surprisingly Drake’s dad claims he was famous in his own right long before Drake came into this world and popped onto the scene.

Okay, so I’m confused why you’re riding on your son’s coattails…. Just some food for thought!

During this interview Dennis went on to brag about Drake and say how amazing it is that his son, his prodigy is one of the biggest entertainers of our time. He even revealed that Drake and him made a bet when Drake was between the ages of 5 & 7.

Dennis said, “We made a bet when he was 5 or 7 and he said ‘Dad I’m going to do more music than you ever did, I’m going to do more movies than you were ever in.’ SO I said let’s make a bet, I bet you $5 you don’t do it.”

Welp… hand that $5 over Dennis!!!

Alright so you may be wondering… okay, where does all the drama and animosity come into play!

Well keep listening… Nick Cannon brings up the fact that his own father was somewhat of an absentee father and that he was raised by a single mother, comparing it to Drake’s life growing up. Nick went on to ask… do you ever have those conversations with Drake about his upbringing in Toronto… to which Dennis denied being an absent father saying “I talked to Drake if not every day, every other day.”

Now here is where the cup runneth over!

In a nutshell Dennis is outing Drake for using their quote-un-quote tumultuous relationship to sell records!

Yep, he sure did and he even went on to take credit for showing drake the good and the bad side of life. He said quote, “I exposed him to every aspect of life. I never hid anything from him… I showed him this side of life. I showed him that side of life.”

Insert Drake, because the man had some thoughts about his father’s claims!

Drake took to his Instagram story to share his thoughts: “Woke up today so hurt man. My father will say anything to anyone that’s willing to listen to him. It’s sad when family gets like this but what we really do that’s the people we are stuck with… every bar I spit was the truth and the truth is hard for some people to accept.”

We know Drake has been vocal about his parents divorce in the past and through his music. Despite his dad being active in his OVO camp, Drake has rapped about how his father wasn’t always as present in his life as he would have hoped, hence Drake’s lyrics!

Drake alluded to his father’s absence in 2011’s “Take Care” and 2013’s “From Time.”

And we’ve seen in recent years, Drake and his dad have had what seemed like a tight-knight and close relationship! Drake even brought him up on stage during his acceptance speech at 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

Yeah they look as close as two peas in a pod, but clearly that was 2 years ago and a lot can change in that amount of time.

Of course Drakes fans came to his defense and took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the family feud!

One Twitter user wrote: “Ight y’all, we really gunna believe Drake’s dad. How many times your dad told people he be round?”

While another person tweeted, “Drakes dad wanna try to say he wasn’t absent while Drake grew up in a whole different country than him.”

I really want to know whose side you’re on here, Dennis’ side or Drake’s side? Do you think this will cause Drake to kick his dad out of his OVO camp?

Tell me all your thoughts in the comments section below! And while you’re there, we are never absent here at Clevver, so hit that subscribe button so you can stay up to date on all the latest happenings in your favorite celebrities lives… give this video a thumbs up and then you can click right over here for more entertainment news!

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