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It seems like wherever Lizzo goes, headlines seem to follow. Award shows, basketball games, hell, even a simple postmates order at a Boston hotel turned into a national news story! So you know when Lizzo and any of the boys from One Direction meet up, there’s sure to be lots that follows.What’s up guys it’s Emile Ennis Jr here with Clevver News and Niall might have gotten a little embarrassed when Lizzo came onto him early in the year. Niall went on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Tuesday night, where he talked about his upcoming album, expected in early 2020. His album will follow new releases from Liam Payne and Harry Styles, who both released their albums over the past couple weeks. Liam got pretty bad reviews for his album, LP1, mainly because of his lyricism. And it’s still too early to know the reviews for Harry’s second album, “Fine Line” since it dropped today.Though I will say, he’s already off to a better start than Liam, who had “hashtag liam payne is over party” trending on twitter on the day of his album drop. But Niall’s conversation with Jimmy quickly took a turn from music. They started chatting about his encounter earlier this year with Lizzo. They ran into each other at a radio studio in London while they were there for different projects. We already heard Lizzo’s side of the story of their interaction, which she told to BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast show last month.Lizzo told the interviewer, Greg James, that she’s gotten to meet an incredible list of A list celebrities since she blew up this year. Like, Sam Smith met Lizzo back in July, when they went backstage at her concert. And they posted a photo on Twitter exclaiming how excited they were to finally meet her. And when Camila Cabello finally met Lizzo a few weeks ago at the “We Can Survive” concert in Los Angeles, she asked her for lessons on how to twerk!But nobody left as big an impression as the Irish singer Niall Horan.Apparently, Niall told Lizzo that she was “Smashing it this year”.Which definitely sounds like something Niall would say. In a good way, I mean! But Lizzo wasn’t about to let Niall be the one who got away. She responded in a way that only Lizzo could get away with.The snippet of the interview went viral, and Lizzo and Niall had a brief exchange on Twitter after the fact. And Niall said “Absolutely not ! Love you, Lizzo”.Lizzo doubled down on her desire for Niall’s Lucky Charms.She said “Call me”. With a kissy face emoji. No word yet if Niall ever actually DID call Lizzo. But now we’re hearing Niall’s side to the exciting story on Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show. He started off calling the encounter “random” and corroborated Lizzo’s story, saying that it happened while he was doing a radio performance in London. She came in to do an interview in the studio and said she had wanted to meet Niall.I LOVED that Niall told this story, because i kinda assumed it was made up! Sorry Lizzo.I thought for sure that she saw Niall and he said “you’re smashing it”, and maybe she thought in her head “yeah you can smash this”.Never did I think that she ACTUALLY told him that when she first met him! But he was a good sport about it. He said the only thing to do was applaud her quick wit with his jaw on the ground.Lizzo made you blush, Niall? Yeah, join the club! He also briefly talked about the interaction before on Ash London Live, admitting that he went quote “a bit red in the face.” But that’s not the last that they’re seeing of each other. They’re both scheduled on the Jingle Ball Tour together for three dates. One was in Philadelphia, one is tonight in New York City, and then a third on Sunday in Boston.So we’ll see if they get any pics tonight in New York! Niall is certainly going to have a busy weekend. In between tour dates, he’s going to be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live tomorrow night. He also talked about that on Jimmy Fallon, saying he’s so excited to perform.”I mean it’s SNL,” he said. “I know you come from there, so maybe not, but for us it’s like, the GRAMMYs and SNL are like one and two right next to each other.” He continued “To get the call from Lorne Michaels to say that you’re gonna be a musical guest is pretty sweet. So I get, like, proper nervous.”Aw Niall! Hopefully he’s not too nervous. At least he’s going to be plenty warmed up from the Jingle Ball tour. And all of this will certainly be a warm up for his tour that he’ll go on after his album drops next year. Are you guys excited for his album? Will you be tuning into SNL? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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