Restoration of very rare BMW E30 M3 EVO II

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Restoration of very rare BMW E30 M3 EVO II

The BMW E30 M3 EVO II is arguably one of the most special BMW models ever built by the Bavarians. With only 500 units ever produced, the idea of even seeing one in person is an extreme rarity, never mind owning one. Which brings us to Christo, the car lover featured here today.

The history of his BMW M3 E30 shown in Misano Red begins in the late 80s when he was unable to find a suitable successor to his ALPINA C1 E21-series. With just a few units destined for the UK market, finding one was proven to be an impossible task.


But luck came upon Christo when a press test car from Italy became available. The only problem? It was a left-hand drive and living in the UK, a RHD was the preferred choice.

A conversion process has now begun with the help of Autobahn Motors in Huddersfield who had a reputation for converting cars to RHD.

Within 6 weeks, the RHD conversion had been completed, together with a retro fitting of an OEM AC system. Initially, the BMW E30 M3 EVO II was a summer queen and with occasional track days on the Silverstone and other circuits.

However, on one of the track days, Christo has to watch a BMW M5 being destroyed in a crash. He therefore decides to spare his M3 this fate and to park it in Cyprus. There was another motive behind this decision: The Cyprus climate is perfect for the longevity of cars, with the absence of ice and frost, and salt-free roads. There are also no heavy manufacturing industries, therefore, zero air pollution and the effects of acid rain. On closer analysis, it was a win-win decision.


However, the decision to relocate the BMW E30 M3 EVO II would result in a modern automotive Greek tragedy. A burglary at the warehouse where the car was parked resulted in the M3 being vandalized an deprived of many essential parts.

The engine, headlights, front bumper, part of the rear wing and many other parts were stolen. It looked like the sad end of a great story.


But Christo was not ready to part ways with his love. For a professional restoration, Christo chose Schmiedmann in Denmark, a company known to take on similar challenges. At Schmiedmann, the BMW E30 M3 EVO II not only received a new engine, it was also restored to a “better than new” condition. Some parts have been replaced with more modern components to further improve the driveability and performance of the E30.


The original parts which were still available were, of course, stored and could someday be used to bring car #258 as close as possible to the original condition. 

To see the restoration process, click below for a large photo gallery, coupled with a surprise video.

Big Reveal!! Schmiedmann BMW E30 M3 EVO 2

Schmiedmann E30 M3 EVO 2 Big Reveal!! See us surprise the owner of the M3 EVO2 with the finished restoration of the car that he haven’t seen in its complete state since 2004!

Gepostet von – Specialist in BMW am Freitag, 13. September 2019

Upgrades BMW E30 M3 Evo II 258/500

E36 Z3 1.9ltr Steering Rack ZF 1094038 (2.7 turns L2L)
Suspension: BILSTEIN Grp N dampers 300/300-200/200
BMW OE Grp N coil springs
TOYO Proxes R888R semi-slick street tyres 225/45 x 16
Autosolutions Custom SSK with 30% throw reduction
Supersprint SS Exhaust;
Rear “Racing” exhaust code 043306

Centre exhaust + “X-Pipe” code 783223
Carbon Fibre Plenum (Not Alpha N)
E36 M3 chain tensioner
Mishimoto Aluminium Racing radiator
SAMCO Silicone Induction and cooling hose sets
E32 740i Brake Cylinder
E32 740i Engine mounts
B F Goodrich brake and clutch braided steel lines
GC Front and Rear strut bars
E30 M3 Sport Evo Red spark plug caps
E30 M3 Sport Evo bonnet/wing rubber seals
E36 M3 Rear diff oil cooler

Alpine 7618R Radio-Cassette & 6 Disc boot mounted autochanger
Alpine 3566 Amplifier
Alpine PWE-V80 8″ Subwoofer
Hertz Mille Pro MPX 690.3 Rear shelf speakers
Hertz MPK130.3 Front kick panel speakers & tweeters (original look)

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