The Untold Truth Of Dwayne Johnson [House, Cars collection, transformation]


The Untold Truth Of Dwayne Johnson [House, Cars collection, transformation]
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What can you say about a man who trust in God, but is one-third covered with a pagan Polynesian tattoo? What can you say about a person who can eat up to five kilograms of food a day and has both a brutal appearance and a good heart with sensitive soul? Meet Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known as The Rock – an actor, a professional restler and writer, a personal friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger, an animal lover and a founder of the charity fund to fight cancer, bachelor of psychology and successful businessman.
Seeing him face to face you feel a little uncomfortable: a huge man – 6 feet 5 inches and 260 pounds of solid muscle, which even a perfectly fitting suit does not hide. However, in normal life, a good Catholic Johnson has never been seen in unmotivated aggression or excessive manifestation of his superiority. Even in the ring, where he made his first success, he initially behaved quite atypical for the world of wrestlers.
The future star was born on May 2, 1972 in both Polynesian and Nova Scotian family, and such a fact predetermined his occupation. The wrestlers were:
his grandfather on the maternal side, High Chief Peter Maivia;
his father, Rocky (by the way, Johnson’s nickname The Rock comes from there);
all his paternal uncles and their sons,
and both grandmother and mother were promoters of fighting duels. So young Dwayne had no choice, in fact.

However, Dwayne Johnson has a title of the national champion, so it helped him to sign a three-year contract with the canadian “Calgary Stampeders”. It was in 1995, when a BA in psychology Dwayne graduated from University. There were no competitors, and everything went to the fact that the young man will become one of the club leaders. However, a serious injury at the end of his first season put an end to Johnson’s football career.
When he returned to his parents, there were only two pieces of paper in his pocket – five dollars and a dollar, as well as a few coins. In memory of those days, The Rock named his company Seven Bucks, although even in this he showed his inexhaustible optimism: in fact, Dwayne had not seven dollars but six ones and a change.

The Rock himself likes auto, too. In his garage at different times one could see the following masterpieces:
GTA Spano worth $ 1.2 million;
Pagani Huayra, which costs 1.4 million dollars (and not so much by its appearance as by how the Rock is placed there);
Rolls Royce Wrath for $ 460 thousand – just for shopping;
Mclaren 650s of $ 300 K: no McLaren – no millionaire;
Ford T-150 for $ 70 thousand and Cadillac Escalade for $ 100 K, and these cars are not the same that Dwayne gave his father, but his own ones;
Lamborghini Aventador for $ 400 K – standard “car for star”;
Porsche Panamera, which cost $ 200 K;
Aston Martin Vanquish Volante – James Bond’s car, for which it is worth its $ 300 K;
Corvette C-1 of 1961, a fashion statement for collectible cars and a successful investment of $ 100 K;
BMW i8 of $ 120 K;
$ 500 K Ford GT, and the love of Dwayne Johnson to this brand needs a separate conversation;
Plymouth Prowler for $ 120 K, one of the most unusual cars in the garage of The Rock (compared to the rest);
two Ferraris – a 458 model which costs $ 260 K and the hybrid LaFerrari’s that worth for $ 1.4 million – without it Johnson’s garage is something not enough.