What If the World Were 100 People?


What If the World Were 100 People?
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the What If The World Were 100 People?! We have a population on this planet of over 7.5 billion people around the world. But what if we condensed that down to only 100 people? In this animated infographic video we see how unequal our world is as we are able to see it scaled to only 100 people all over the world! We will answer the biggest questions you have in this animation educational cartoon which is great for the whole family to learn something new with! #Facts #World #Animation

00:36 Where would they be from?
00:56 How old would they be?
01:33 Would they be men or women?
01:47 What languages would they speak?
02:38 How many would be literate?
03:06 What would they believe?
03:43 Would they have freedom?
04:24 How rich would they be?
05:07 Would they have computers?
05:40 How safe would they be?
06:19 Would they be educated?
6:54 Would they own computers?
07:19 Would they breathe clean air?
07:54 Would they have safe water?
08:24 How much food would they have?

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