Who was right? Cyclist collides with driver, both say they had a green light



A Boston cyclist caught on camera the moment he got cut off by a driver and the heated argument that ensued.

Helmet camera footage from July 15 shows the road rage in the Cambridge area of the US city, with both believing they were in the right. An argument promptly embroils other road users and a passerby.

In the video, helmet cam shows the cyclist pedalling quickly as stationary traffic waits, despite the green light. The cyclist goes through the green light and is cut off by the female driver. She says, “Sweetie, I have a green light,” to which the cyclist responds: “I got a green right there.”

“I was going slow enough to make sure nobody was flying down here.” she said.

“You weren’t!” the cyclist says.

“What do you mean, I’m not even moving?!” the driver retorts.

One passerby then interjects stating that the cyclist did, in fact, have a green light.

The argument continues and the driver is heard saying: “I’m already halfway into the street and you come flying down – that’s on you!”

The cyclist is then heard calling the driver “pretty dense,” to which she ripostes: “I have a f****** Master’s!”

As she attempts to leave another driver in a burgundy-coloured truck adds his support to his fellow driver, saying: “I saw the whole thing, that wouldn’t have happened if you just slowed down! She slowed, she was struck.”

Cyclist Lucas Brunelle is an established cycling vlogger on YouTube with over 30,000 subscribers.

He described the incident to Newsflare: “I was riding in the bike lane and got cut off, the lady laid on the horn, as if that wasn’t enough, a guy driving a truck went crazy too.”

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